UA NativeNet has created a toolkit to assist journalists who write about issues relating to Indians and federal Indian law.  This series contains ten explanatory and introductory articles.  Among other things, the series of documents provided here corrects common misconceptions that journalists -- and others -- have about tribes and tribal members, lists common acronyms that appear in stories related to Indians, provides instruction on how to find an expert to assist in writing an article, sets out terms and definitions and details the Top Ten Things to Know about Indians.  While specifically designed for journalists, this toolkit serves as an introduction for anyone wishing to gain more understanding, and a discussion of other places they can explore.

You can individually download the topics as PDFs or the entire collection of topics as a PDF Portfolio.

Download all 10 topics in the UANativeNet Toolkit for Journalists PDF Portfolio. It is recommended that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later to view the Portfolio. You can download the latest version for free here.